What is a home warranty?
A home warranty plan is a service agreement that provides protection against the cost of
unexpected wear and tear repairs or replacement on your property's major mechanical
systems, such as your furnace or boiler or heat pump, air conditioning or evaporative
cooler or whole house fan, electrical, plumbing, garage door opener, sump pump, and
appliances. You can also cover your gas fireplace, hot tub, pool, septic tank,
and well if needed.

Does it matter if I have a large home or older appliances?
Home Warranty offers protection for all sizes of homes with no price increase for larger
homes.  Whether your home’s mechanical systems and appliances are new or a hundred
years old, they are covered as long as your systems and appliances are in good working
order at the start of the contract period.

Why do I need a home warranty?
The known cost of the warranty reduces budget concerns and minimizes the stress of
household repairs and provides peace of mind. The average life expectancy of the nine
critical home systems and appliances is 13 years, the likelihood of failure in a given year
is 68%. Many Manufacturers will void an appliance warranty upon sale of home. We will
contact manufacturer on behalf of the client and, in many cases, successfully obtain a
discount for our client or reinstatement of the warranty by the manufacturer. This was the
case with a whirlpool refrigerator compressors. Whirlpool initially denied the claim on the
compressors (both times). A subsequent call to the manufacturer with model and serial
number by our staff, resulted in both compressors being covered by the manufacturer.

How does a home warranty differ from homeowner’s insurance?
Your homeowner’s policy is designed to cover hazards in your home
such as theft and specific disasters. A home warranty plan, on the
other hand, provides coverage for repairs to mechanical systems
or appliances that break down due to normal wear and tear.
Our home warranty protection and your homeowner’s policy
compliment each other and provide complete home coverage.