1. How many years have you been in the building business?

2. Are you a member of the Home Builders Association?

3. Do you participate in home builders’ meetings and/or serve on action committees?

4. What is the average number of homes do you build a year?

5. In what price range do you build?

6. Who is responsible for getting the construction loan?

7. Can we check with your banks in regard to your credit history?

8. Have you had liens against your company?

9. How many homes has your company built over the years?

10. What in your business’s philosophy sets you apart from the other builders in the

11 How green are your homes?

12. Do you only build select plans or can I make modifications, or even start from scratch
on a plan specific to my needs?

13. How is the buyer involved in the process?

14. How will you provide communication with me on the status of the construction of the
home from start to finish?

15. Do I have access to the jobsite throughout construction?

16. Do you have a formal building process that all homes go through?

17. After I decide to build with you, what happens next?

18. Who will be the contractors assigned to work on my home and will they meet/exceed

19. Who oversees the contractors on the jobsite?

20. During the construction process what elements are most important?

21. Will I have a schedule as to when selections will be needed?

22. How important is client and builder communication?

23. How do you maintain a high level of communication?

24. Will I have updates as to expenses I make throughout the process, and how often?

25. How will I know what is coming up in each phase of the construction process?

26.Can you provide references as to overall satisfaction with the construction process,
and finished product?

27. Have you ever filed for bankruptcy protection?

28.What kind of warranty will i receive? After closing, how do we get a hold of you for
warranty matters?

29. How do you charge for extras?

30.What is special about the home builder’s warranty that the buyer should know?
Some questions to ask your builder.